Who We Are

Protologic Limited was founded in 1997 by a consortium of IT professionals to provide technical services its clients, including network support, bespoke software applications, database consultancy and the development of interfaces between disparate systems.

Our consultants are chosen for their wide-ranging experience and their depth of knowledge in the IT field. This experience means that our clients can be confident that the solutions put forward will be sensible, viable and affordable. Past projects demonstrate the versatility of our team:

What We Do

Our engineers provide the total solution to an IT problem, whether this be a new network, a new database, a migration from one system to another or an entirely new development. We understand, and are fluent in all of these areas.

We have the team to provide technical solutions in a clear and friendly manner and are able to service any IT requirement. Technical Director, Andy Burns, recently described this flexibility:

"Computing is becoming increasingly diverse, with people tending to specialise in one or two areas of the subject. Those whose knowledge spans a wide range of areas have a real advantage when it comes to coordinating projects. With the team we have at Protologic anything is possible.".