This is our electronic trading exchange, where suppliers and customers can establish electronic interfaces with us and exchange orders, receipts, shipping advice and invoices. See http://www.orderpartner.co.uk for details.

Web Services

In addition to the web service interfaces for our OrderPartner product we have developed a range of other web services (SOAP/HTTP) for our clients, including an online ordering service for a large pharmaceutical wholesaler and a service for converting email to SMS messages.

Websites and Domains

Although we do not normally offer domain hosting as a single product, we do offer this service as part of a bespoke package or application. From the selection/purchase of a domain name to the configuration of DNS and email we provide the full hosting solution.

VOIP Applications

Since 2003, when Protologic virtualised its own office environment, we have hosted our digital telephone exchange and created VOIP applications for a variety of purposes. We host automatic diallers that can call a list of clients, play personalised messages and collect the DTMF responses which would be ideal for surveys, targeted advertising and a number of other applications.