Network Configuration

Whether designing an entirely new network or taking over the support of an existing one, our engineers have the knowledge and skills to provide an excellent support and configuration service for all components, including routers, bridges, firewalls, switches, internet access and packet-shaping. Cisco and open-source products a speciality, but we are adaptable to work with most product types.

Server Configuration

Our engineers have a wide range of experience in the following areas and can provide quotations for ad-hoc work or for annual support contracts.

Software Design

With many years of experience in softare and database design, our engineers provide the level of detailed knowledge that is vital in producing a usable software application. Our bespoke software products are designed to the specification of requirements, built to the design specification and then tested against the requirements to ensure that they not only provide the required functionality, but that they do so in a usable and performant manner.

Database Administration

If you are experiencing performance problems with your database application it is likely to have its roots in the separation between the database installation, done by a DBA, and the coding done by a developer. Experience has shown us that these teams need to be very close in order to get a reasonable outcome. Our engineers are both DBA's and application developers with knowledge and experience in both areas. When consulting on a new application we can get the job done correctly from the start, and when assisting with existing problems we can usually pin-point the causes very quickly.